Marshall Hiatt (Jackledead)

Unfinished Manga-inspired monster hunting wargame with solo in mind
For all Common Dice and deck of cards
Cottagecore or homesteading village tabletop.
Tabletop game inspired by classic horror videogame franchise.
Photo-Realistic Terrain Hex Tileset
A Solo Doodle-Mapmaking Event-Based Resource Management Survival RPG
A free hexagon tileset i made for fantasy and post apocalypse
A short cartography hack of the mapmaking game The Royal Cartographer
d6 tables for Exploring your new world
A simple roleplaying game supplement where you play as a person lost at sea on a boat.
Roll on this table to decide if youre gonna play action or suspense, fantasy or post apocalypse.
Free One Page TTRPG. It's not about tree chopping.
3 tables for fantasy generating animals, using binomial nomenclature. Includes over 60 animals.
New Update! Fast and Fun Rules-Lite Narrative Focused Roleplaying Game for Solo Players and Small Groups.

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